We are well verse with the age old adage of ‘Carpe Diem i.e; Seize The Day’ and that is exactly what we thrive for day in, day out. We are perfectly capable of enduring setbacks yet still yield favorable outcomes. Our sole focus isn’t only on economic development and stakeholder’s benefit but also on the integrated sustainable development of human life and the environment conjointly with a view to achieve the highest possible Quality of Life. We are also aimed at developing a knowledge based society within the confines of the Township in an effort to empower India by bringing the best minds of the country together in one place. Fortune Butterfly City will have separate colonies for highly qualified doctors, scientists, professionals, CEOs and NRIs. The close proximity of the city to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in addition to the availability of city owned Taxi/Cab service designed specifically to cater to the needs of the foreign nationals as well as NRIs, will be conducive to its groundbreaking success. Furthermore, the city will provide employment to over one lakh people which will be beneficial in reducing the burden of unemployment on the already stressed out economy of the country.

Here at Fortune Infra Developers Pvt. Ltd, we also understand the importance of time, thus give it the utmost attention. It is a well know fact that trends and tastes change with the passage of time. As time passes by and each decade moves on to another, the concept of fine living changes and so does the standard of living. Along with it, there are gigantic advancements in the fields of infrastructure, architecture, landscaping, technology, medicine, education which when clubbed together with an ever evolving creative human mind has now made it possible to incorporate all these into a City of Wonders, brought together for the people to experience a lifestyle with a wide horizon, easy accessibility & availability of basic amenities as well as the luxuries like state of the art medical care, modern education, high quality entertainment, well endowed health & fitness facilities along with well known restaurants and dining out establishments.

Fortune Butterfly City is an epitome of the bourgeois comfort par excellence yet at an affordable expense. It not only resonates with the concept of New Age high standard living at an affordable price but also with the human spiritual needs of inner peace, tranquility and sense of well being. 48% of its total land is open spaces with breathtaking scenic beauty, a clean environment and a delightful ambiance which foster a sense of peace & contentment that is hard to find these days. Myriads of leisure time amenities such as a boating area, gyms, spas, swimming pools and various sport centers add to the attractiveness of the City.

Today, the world is riddled with the issue of crime and a general lack of security which obstructs and affects an individual’s freedom of living in more ways than one. Fortune Butterfly City caters to the needs and demands of this age and time, thus, will provide an elaborate 24×7 security system in order to create a safe and secure environment for the residents to live freely in. This certainly will add to the glory of the city over time.

Sustainable development is yet another issue that is talked about too much but is rarely implemented. In contrast, Fortune Butterfly City has detailed plans in place to utilize the renewable resources of the earth to the utmost degree by virtue of extensive installation of solar heaters, solar panels, solar powered street lights coupled with an advanced rainwater harvesting system and  sewage/waste water treatment plant.