“I feel great to be living in fortune weekend homes, providing excellent interior and exterior construction quality. I’m fully satisfied with fortune butterfly city in all aspects.”


“I am living in Fortune Butterfly City from 1 and 1/2 year. I am growing vegetables and fruits also. Management is co-operating very good.”

Rama Krishnaiah

“I like Fortune Butterfly City, because of excellent documentation. They keep commitments. They make construction as per our requirements”

Sugata Chowdary

“On the day I have taken plot in Fortune Butterfly City, what ever they have given commitment, they fulfilled.”

N. Hari Babu

“I have taken a plot in Fortune Butterfly City starting time with a lot of faith. After coming here, I am surprised to see the developments around my plot.”

L. Srinivasa Rao

“Its great for morning walks every day, that is the one of the biggest asset, I would say we have very very peace full life”

Hema Venkataraman

“Living with Butterfly City means, living with the nature. This kind of atmosphere is very good for physical and mental health”

SD. Lakshmi

“I just came to visit and even after driving 20 to 30 mins from my home, I felt very happy and the atmosphere and nature and the arrangements were made, It was really very good and really appreciable.”

Mr. Rathish Menon

“We need this kind of atmosphere, Very far from concrete jungle.Full of greenery”

Mr. Surender

“I bought a plot in Fortune Butterfly City. I am coming to site for every 2 months, They are developing site very fast

Mr. Harikrishna Prasad