Education has been cardinal to human development and empowerment since time immemorial. Now a days, it plays an even more immense and pivotal role in each and every aspect of human life. Fortune Butterfly School spanning across a total land area of 3 Acres, situated precisely in the heart of Fortune Butterfly City is an exceptional Centre of Learning possessing an admirable, experienced and dedicated staff imparting an unparalleled formal education without hampering the creative potential of its students.

Instead, the school aims at inculcating moral values, a knack for knowledge and a sense of curiosity as well as social responsibility among its students. Furthermore, each student is treated uniquely and motivated to embrace his/her own individuality.

The school offers Smart EduCom based education conducive for a highly interactive, dynamic and exquisite learning experience.


Additionally, the school has various State-of-the-art Science, Geography, Mathematics and Computer labs designed specifically to elucidate intricate theoretical concepts by means of a simple practical demonstration.


The monumental library comprises of a spacious reading area and colossal Book Shelves well endowed with books for all age groups and by authors from all around the world.

Health and Medical Emergencies:

In built Medical Centre monitors the health status, immunization status of the students and caters to any medical emergency on campus while the Canteen provides healthy, hygienic food promoting good health among the students.


The sprawling school ground along with the basketball, tennis and badminton court provide the students with an opportunity to spend their leisure time in sports.

Leisure activities:

Students are also given the liberty to indulge in their hobbies such as Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Theatre, Painting, Creative Writing, Reading or Sports for their personal development.

Budding Talent nurtured:

Special classes on Foreign languages, Human Rights, Sociology, Psychology etc are available for interested students.

Extra-Curricular activities:
Furthermore, numerous other extra-curricular activities such as Annual Sports tournament, Science fairs, cultural events, student exchange programs, foreign trips, excursions are also organised from time to time.

Our focus is not only on academic success but also on social and professional competence of our students on the world stage. The students are encouraged to develop a strong personality and are taught Essential Life Skills such as teamwork, leadership qualities, positive outlook, emotional intelligence, stress and anger management. Also, the career counsellor helps the students in exploring various career options and choosing the best among them for a brighter future. By and large, Fortune Butterfly School is what every parent would want for their child as it yields comprehensive and an all embracing development of its pupils.