In the present day scenario, we are faced with a challenge of constant change and unique innovations that stand out from the rest and is the key to a better life.

The Rapid lifestyle changes and advancements in various fields such as infrastructure, landscaping, technology, medicine and education with the help of master engineers, innovative designers and unconventional ideas has now made it possible to incorporate all these into a City of Wonders.

The rapidization of technology has resulted in a tremendous growth which can be felt in Hyderabad. The entire city is dotted with various IT firms and Multi National Companies. This has brought the city to the forefront of the exciting world of immense discoveries.

The IT domain has created job opportunities to a tremendous amount of talented executives and other High designation professionals from within the country as well as abroad. But as the population increases, so does the need for a good accommodation.

At Fortune Infra developers we provide you unique projects to satisfy your needs and dreams. Situated near the Sri Sailam Highway between Kadthal and Dasarlapalli, the company has an area of 3600 Acres.

On this is a highly diverse portfolio of projects, one among which is the Fortune CEO’s Colony. After a tiring day’s work, the place provides you a serene environment to revitalize your soul.

The proposed ideas under the CEO’s colony include amenities such as food courts, spas, shopping malls and dining restaurants. The close proximity of the city to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport with proper interconnecting roads makes transit easier for inhabitants.

Future Plans to utilise the renewable resources of the earth to the utmost degree by virtue of extensive installation of solar heaters, solar panels, solar powered street lights coupled with an advanced rainwater harvesting system and sewage treatment plant.

24X7 water and electricity with a tight security makes the colony a place where one can live life freely.

For those who wish to live in a very secure, peaceful and harmonious environment away from the chaos and commotion of the city life this is the place to be. So get ready to get enthralled with the best!!!