The city of Hyderabad is well known for its cultural heritage, rich history, IT sector as well as for the humongous industrial and economic growth.

In the past, Hyderabad was an important seat of the then Mughal Empire, the grandeur of which can still be seen. The city has stood the test of time and managed to retain most of its cultural heritage and vibrancy even today.

Most importantly, the city was a centre of knowledge and research in the past, something that it excels at even in the present time due to the countless educational institutes imparting higher education, various research institutes constantly aiming for new discoveries and inventions as well as other centres of advanced learning.

The past few years have seen an exponential growth in the fields of technology and research which can be felt in Hyderabad. The entire city is dotted with various IT firms and research institutes. Research in various fields such as atomic science, forensic science, food technology, agriculture, cellular & molecular biology, DNA fingerprinting & diagnostics, Economics & Social studies, Mathematics, computer science, defence, electronics, metallurgy, banking technology, geophysics, meteorology and pharmaceuticals has brought this city to the forefront of the exciting world of immense discoveries.

All these research institutions have provided job opportunities to a tremendous amount of researchers and scientists from within the country as well as abroad.

All these scientists who have come from different places across the globe will require a harmonious and peaceful place to reside.

Fortune Scientist’s colony offers a serene and tranquil environment, a stone’s throw away from the city, fully equipped with the basic facilities of living in addition to the luxuries of fine dining, theatres, cinema halls, art galleries, gyms, spas, meditation centres and much more.

Moreover the colony will have its own house keeping service for those who have a highly demanding job and thus cannot spare time for carrying out the daily chores. The colony will also provide its own private cab/taxi service for making the transit into place of work and back easier for the inhabitants.

All in all, this colony is the ideal place for all those aspiring scientists who wish to live in a very secure, peaceful and harmonious environment away from the chaos and commotion of the city life but at the same time near to their place of work so that daily commuting doesn’t become a strenuous and arduous task.

So, reward yourself with the luxury of comfortable living in today’s fast paced life for a better and healthier tomorrow.