Life today has become a challenge and change is inevitable. Today people across the world are in the constant run to get successful and be the best in all aspects of life.

But this needs to be installed right from an early life so that it can be nurtured and built upon. For this the atmosphere and the environment plays a vital role in shaping lives of the people living in its proximity. At fortune infrastructures we believe to be innovative and one such idea is the Fortune intellectual’s colony.

The intellectual colony is a project where people from various occupations like teachers, working professionals, doctors, engineers and businessmen can hope for a good life. The key idea behind this colony is that when people from different occupations live together, they create a healthy environment which would have a highly positive impact on every member of the community. Children from different backgrounds would flourish in such an environment and interactions with members would help in overall progress. The Fortune school in close proximity to the colony is an advantage and would help in shaping the future of the children.

The school is an exceptional Centre of Learning possessing an admirable, experienced and dedicated staff imparting an unparalleled formal education without hampering the creative potential of its students.

24×7 electricity and water, round the clock vigilance and security for safety of residents , 100% Vastu & DTCP approved layout, 60 & 40 feet wide interconnecting roads and underground sewage systems to provide all basic comforts.

Thus at fortune intellectuals colony you can expect the best possible place for a luxurious and comfortable living with all amenities which is hard to find these days.