The city of Hyderabad is well known as an IT hub and the continuous expansion of numerous businesses and enterprises has made it a dream destination for those seeking better job opportunities.

Over the years, the number of IT firms has gradually increased employing a large number of people from across the country. Apart from the software companies, a large number of BPO firms, business firms, consulting firms and law firms have set up their offices here, making it India’s high-tech city. The large number of educated resources available here has also attracted several foreign investors.

With the increasing number of people moving to the city for better opportunities, there has been a lack of adequate housing within the city. The increasing demand for property has led to the rapid rise in its prices, making it highly improbable for the middle class employees to own a house in such an expensive city.

Housing is no longer a luxury instead is considered a necessity these days.

The Fortune Employee’s colony has been established as an integral part of the Fortune Butterfly’s Colony in order to provide bourgeois comfort to the Employees of various companies and firms established in the city but at an affordable price.

The colony is established well within the reach of the major IT firms of the city. Daily commuting to work will not be an enduring task anymore because of the close proximity of the colony to the major offices in the city. The colony is well established having all the basic amenities and other facilities like 24 hour diners, restaurants offering fine dining experience,  gyms, spas, theatres, cinema halls, sport facilities for tennis, badminton, golf, basketball and many other sports.

The colony is vaastu approved, spacious and designed according to the latest guidelines keeping in view all the safety measures.

Also, the colony will have their own security systems to provide you with a sense of comfort and security.

The colony will provide a taxi/cab service for those who need it in order to travel to their place of work. Services like Laundromats and housekeeping will also be available for the employees in highly demanding jobs.

All in all, Fortune Employee’s colony is a perfect place for those looking for a relaxing and comfortable accommodation at an affordable price.