Even today, the most advanced cities around the globe might have the latest facilities of the modern age living but they still lack the most fundamental needs such as security and better facilities for their elderly population. This situation is almost rampant throughout the entire landscape of our country as well.

The most pressing issue for most senior citizens in India is a complete and gross lack of security apart from the absence of any social support system catering specifically to their needs. This makes the life of senior citizens very difficult and tough on a daily basis, essentially forcing them into oblivion.

Keeping in mind, all the trials and tribulations of old age, we have come up with a unique project of setting up a colony for the senior citizens in an effort to provide them the sense of security, comfort and belonging that is nowhere else to be found.

The senior citizen’s colony is an easy and beneficial alternative to the troublesome and wearisome lifestyle of the big cities with no promise of security or comfort whatsoever.

The changing social traditions and a huge rise in the number of nuclear families, has made it evident that most old age couples find themselves alone and without family support either by choice or due to bad circumstances. Thus, most couples these days strive for a more dignified and an independent life especially in their later years.

The senior citizen’s colony provides them with this opportunity in an extremely cost effective manner.

Located in a serene and blissful environment, the colony comprises of numerous houses, parks, a clubhouse, emergency medical facility, social support centre, fitness and health centers among other facilities of day to day life.

The medical facility will help avert any kind of medical emergency and keep an up to date database on the health status of the inhabitants while the fitness and health centers will help keep them in good physical shape in accordance with the age old adage of ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.’

The colony will also have its own psychologist to help with the issues of depression, loneliness and emotional loss. On the other hand, the clubhouse will host weekly parties and organize various recreational activities from time to time.

Apart from all this, the social support centre will provide volunteers to help with the household work and much more. The close proximity of the colony to various shopping malls, theatres, restaurants, food joints will ensure that you never have a dull moment here.

The colony will be well guarded by the security, night and day. Visitors will be allowed in only after their identity has been verified with their hosts.

Also, the houses will have their own security system connected to a central server so as to reduce the response time in case of an emergency. All in all, you will get a comfortable, peaceful and secure environment with abundance of happiness, contentment and joy at an unmatched price. So, come and experience the exuberance!!!