In recent years, the medical field has seen formidable growth and is still growing by leaps and bounds due to the extensive research into various new treatment modalities, diagnostic techniques and equipments. The paramount importance of the medical field in today’s world can be well judged from the fact that the World Health Organisation considers Life Expectancy as a crucial indicator of Human Growth & Development.

Our country’s Human Development Index is far below that of many other developing nations of the world owing to the huge patient load, a dearth of proper medical facilities, a lack of skilled paramedical staff and an inappropriate number of competent doctors, all of which is required to deal with the highly demanding health situation of the country.

Here at Fortune Butterfly City, we are immensely motivated to curtail this grave situation which is rampant throughout the country. Starting on a small scale, the city will have a multitude of specialised hospitals employing highly skilled paramedical staff, expert & ingenious doctors and possessing the cutting edge medical facilities needed to diagnose and treat any ailment.

On the other hand, these specialised centres will also entail research into the various medical fields such as pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, surgery, medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology & obstetrics in order to understand the disease process and look for better treatment modalities.

This will be achieved by focussing on the diseases having the highest prevalence such as TB, AIDS, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancers and other forms of lifestyle diseases. Clinical drug trials will be carried out for various experimental but promising treatment options for such diseases.

At times, Continued Medical Education (CME) and medical conferences will be organised at these centres to bring in the latest medical research from all over the world for its practical application in this part of the world.

Apart from all this, these centres will also provide employment to a large number of budding doctors and researchers with the sole aim of making them excel in their respective fields.

Fortune Doctor’s Colony will provide the finest doctors and medical researchers of the country as well as the foreign doctors visiting the country for work purposes with the best possible accommodation offering a luxurious, comfortable and high standard of living that they deserve for the kind of hard work they do day in, day out saving the precious lives of their patients. This colony will specifically cater to the needs and aspirations of doctors obviating their need to leave the country for greener pastures, thus, precluding Brain Drain and associated socio-economic ramifications.

  • DTCP Approval as per HUDA Norms
  • Gated Community
  • Landscaped Greens & Pathways
  • Theme Gardens
  • Fountains / Sculptures
  • Property Management
  • 40&60 ft wide roads
  • Underground power cable
  • Underground Drainage
  • Avenue Lighting
  • Lavish green Parks
  • Rose garden
  • Property Management
  • Green walk ways
  • Sewerage net work
  • OHT & Water lines Net work
  • Water Harvesting
  • Childrens Park
  • 24 x7 Securty
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Ultra modern GYM
  • Spa
  • Clinic
  • Tennis Court
  • Indoor Games
  • Party Zone
  • Library

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